For 3C, the wellbeing of IDF soldiers and security forces takes the top slot. Every week we visit bases and outposts from Eilat to the Golan to hand out treats, hold BBQs with quality meat and side dishes, distribute gift packages, sweets and surprises, and so much more….

Once upon a fine day in 2008…
…we were driving in southern Israel and stopped at the Kfar Azza gas station. Several IDF soldiers were there, and we began to chat over coffee. During the conversation, and afterwards, we realized two things: first – the tremendous scope of giving on the part of these soldiers without acknowledgment or appreciation; and second, we noted how much they missed their homes and families, and the family’s home cooking. From that moment on, a decision took shape in our hearts and minds: to be there for them, for each IDF soldier and member of the security forces, and find tangible ways to express our gratitude.

They’re always there for us
Our IDF soldiers are there for us, everywhere, every moment, in heat waves and torrential rain, in the toughest of conditions and terrains, in ambushes and at checkpoints, in bases and guard posts, and in military missions of all kinds. They are the backbone of our very existence: because they`re out there doing their job, we can live quietly, securely and safely. They protect us with their very life and soul. And they deserve something in return!

We’re here for them
• Every week we try to make hundreds of soldiers feel a bit better, traveling the length and breadth of Israel to reach them
• We bring dozens of BBQ grills and other equipment with us, get set up and prepare great meals
• We bring them sweets, deserts, gift packages, cakes, and surprises
• We offer warmth, love and gratitude on behalf of all Israel

Our path, our choice
Our activities are conducted on a daily basis and involve complex logistics and much work in raising funds to purchase products and equipment, as well as long trips throughout Israel to reach all our soldiers. At 3C we do it all with love and from our deep commitment to give back to the soldiers who let us live safely in our country. We feel blessed that this privilege of giving to them daily has come our way, and we’re thrilled when we see them smile, enjoy themselves, enthused and having a great time.

When it comes to our soldiers, we never skip a chance to say thank you and give back!

More activities:

3C – Helping hundreds of disaffected youth overcome problematic life cycles and mobilize their potential
Many youth in Israel have become school and social dropouts. Some live on the streets, others have become embroiled in criminal activities, and none of them know how to break the cycle. All of them need help and rehabilitation.

3C activists locate these youth through our Engaging & Enlisting Program. It provides comprehensive rehabilitation that teaches them how to break out of that harmful life cycle, turn a new page, and enlist in the IDF.

Enlistment promotes rejoining normative society. During their military service, many learn a vocation or profession which, on release from the IDF, enables them to be productive, healthy citizens. Away from the lures of deleterious or criminal activities that in the long term are a burden to themselves and to society, these youth become contributing Israeli young adults who merge back into society in positive ways, working, studying, raising families and being supportive of their own communities.

3C Prepaid Rechargeable Credit Cards – our dignified way to help hundreds of needy Israeli families
Various life circumstances cause need, such as the loss of a family member, dealing with a difficult illness, unemployment, and more. As a result, these Israeli families find themselves unable to provide for even their most basic needs, including food. This lack affects daily functioning but is particularly noticeable on Sabbaths and Jewish festivals. Many of these families need temporary support until they are able to get back on their own two feet and return to self-sufficiency.

3C provides a solution which preserves these people`s dignity. We distribute prepaid rechargeable credit cards earmarked for food purchases. This method ensures that donors’ kindheartedness is not taken advantage of through inappropriate purchases, while maintaining the user’s independence and freedom of choice during the shopping experience.

Over time we’ve found that this form of support has helped families bridge temporary stressful periods on their way to recovering and returning to full normative functioning.