About us

Our motto is simply: We Give

The 3C group was set up in 2008, headed by Aharon Gross. Since then the group’s efforts are directed at doing good for the community. Loving people and assisting others are the cornerstones of all our actions. We put these values into practice through unique giving activities.

3C believes in the tremendous power of giving, a power that can change lives and enhance their quality. That’s why our internal Waze is set to navigate to one destination: helping various populations in Israeli society in the most respectful and all-encompassing way we can.

Our group operates throughout Israel, providing services primarily to soldiers and security forces, to youth at risk, and to families in dire need.

Our way…. from the beginning and onwards

The seed from which 3C sprouted was planted in 2008 during a random encounter with an IDF soldier, an event that gave birth to an enterprise of giving to IDF soldiers and security forces in recognition and appreciation for their contribution to Israel and its people. Activities on behalf of the soldiers are daily, ongoing, and include 3C members appearing wherever soldiers can be found to pamper them just a bit: setting up the portable BBQ, preparing quality meals, providing snacks and sweets, handing out gift packages, all with warmth and love.

Over time we have expanded our activities to include rehabilitation and promotion of youth at risk, helping get them recruited to military service, and assisting families who have found themselves in dire need or crisis.

Our widespread activities across Israel require extensive logistics and organization, including purchase of equipment that allows us to continue giving as optimally as possible.

VISION AND GOALS – Aspiring to achieve what we believe

We aspire to fulfill the axiom that “all Israel are mutual guarantors for each other.” This approach motivates every 3C community activity as we do our part towards caring for others. We believe that mutuality is one of the unique and dominant traits of Israeli society, reflected in the way Israeli society supportively bands together during times of war or emergency. Applying the concept to a broader time frame, and based on our deep commitment to our society, we give to anyone who needs help also during times of normalcy and routine.

As an association whose members belong to the ultra-Orthodox sector, we view our activities as outreach that links diverse populations within Israeli society, with emphasis on strengthening our sector’s ties to the IDF through direct contact with the soldiers who ensure our continued existence in Israel. We believe that the power of giving and love can bridge any disparity or difference, link people from all walks of life, and bring good into everyone’s lives.