When Aharon Gross, founder of 3C, chanced to meet IDF soldiers at the Kfar Azza gas station in 2008, he never imagined where it would lead him.

3C now leads a vast enterprise of activity for IDF soldiers and security forces. It has also branched out into assisting additional groups, particularly disaffected youth and families in dire need.

Every week, Aharon and his team of volunteers travel kilometer after kilometer to reach the most distant field outposts and military bases throughout Israel. They arrive laden with packages of goodies for the soldiers, setting up BBQs to treat the soldiers to a hearty freshly grilled eat-as-much-as-you-can meal, and ending with sweets and other delights. Aharon and his team are motivated by their wish to show gratitude to the IDF soldiers, and to bring them good cheer.

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